TCC Release notes


  • Released 9/11/2018
  • Improvements auto-it script: block UI input, handle 'device in use' popup, exit if hanging
  • Fix focus issue with chat activity when toast message is displayed 
  • Prevent closing the client UI when in exam mode


  • released 17/04/2018
  • bugfix: when launching a second instance of the TCC, it was not closed correctly. As a result TCC could not be launched a third time.


  • released 28/03/2018
  • add-on: when starting the Dante diagnostic test, the teacher mic is automatically switched on
    ATTENTION : for interpreter training, this version requires version 1.0.11 of ERSClientService (or higher)


  • released 12/03/2018
  • add-on: support for new RecordingProcessor service
  • add-on: diagnostics for Dante Virtual Soundcard on student PCs added (test button in the activity screen)
  • add-on: remote control for microphones on conference table (when using Plixus integration)
  • add-on: possibility to add/remove students to/from an activity even when it is already started (except for pairing and conversation)
  • add-on: extra parameter for desktop streaming to have the full monitor size selected by default, instead of having the zone selection interface activated by default.
  • bugfix: enabling "auto-shuffle" didn't work without explicitly changing the student distribution mode to "random" instead of "posi based". Random distribution is now automatically selected for auto-shuffle.
  • bugfix: volume slider was not available in the source pane for the Teacher PC source
  • ATTENTION : for interpreter training, this version requires version 1.0.10 of ERSClientService (or higher)


  • released 05/02/2018
  • improvement : when restarting TCC within 5 seconds after closing it, it no longer refuses to start up. Instead the splash screen is shown while waiting for the cleanup of the previous TCC instance.
  • improvement : faster client login after restarting TCC
  • improvement : logging system now logs to memory and uses a separate thread for writing to disk. This decreases the chance for blocking time critical communication (ping mechanism) when extensive logging is activated
  • improvement : better error message when intercom is disabled due to an audio configuration error
  • improvement : screen transmission is no longer aborted for the whole class when 1 student PC is unable to receive the screen
  • bugfix : Plixus integration : when using extra Dante routings to the floor (for wireless mic for instance), those signals were not sent to the speaker when putting floor on classroom speakers
  • bugfix : source configuration can get corrupted when PC is restarted with TCC running. This configuration is now backed up and restored if corrupted.
  • bugfix : after digitizing a desktop source without streaming, the zone selection button was disabled
  • bugfix : TCC broadcast (= detecting roomID collisions) was not guaranteed to work on PCs with multiple network cards
  • bugfix : when using Plixus integration and automatically launching Sonus after copy-mode streaming, the source audio was not removed from the teacher headset right channel when streaming was stopped.


  • released 28/11/2017
  • improvement : the layout dropdown box no longer cuts off long layout names
  • improvement : the last setting of the "maximize screen" option for Sonus and videosource activities is now memorized for each user
  • remark : it is advised to install Sonus v.2.3.12 along with this TCC version (modified "Maximize" behavior)


  • released 27/11/2017
  • improvement : in interpreter training, the speaker volume setting is stored separately for floor and PC sound
  • bugfix : with ERS integration speaker volume adjustment was applied twice, which could result in too low PC volume
  • bugfix : audio monitoring was disabled during desktop streaming - this is not necessary in case of a Plixus/Dante based system


  • released 16/11/2017
  • change : for clarity reason the default LiveDrive folder naming has changed from "17_10_21" to "2017_10_21"
  • bugfix : TCC could crash when using desktop streaming in single monitor mode


  • released 16/10/2017
  • bugfix : when stopping an Edumatic Online activity, the browser was not closed on the student PCs


  • released 09/10/2017
  • change : license check adapted to support running different (virtualized) operating systems on the same machine without requiring a different license for TCC


  • released 05/10/2017
  • add-on: possibility to configure proxy server credentials for AvidanetBrowser
  • change: use CEF browser component instead of WPF webbrowser, if it is installed by the teacher client installer
  • bugfix: Sonus activity: student subtitles were not collected if the original audio/video file did not contain any subtitles yet.
  • add-on: Cocon setup tool extended to support setups with 4 channel selectors per microphone
  • improvement: students which log in during an ongoing pairing activity will now join the activity as soon as the pairs are shuffled.
  • improvement: auto-monitoring period can be extended to 5 minutes instead of 1 minute
  • improvement: the "auto-collect" setting is now stored as user setting. The last used value is reused in next TCC sessions.
  • extension: integration with Televic Conference Embedded Room Server added
  • bugfix: TCC could crash at startup when FtpRootPath is not on the local PC and there is an issue with the remote server connection
  • bugfix: interpreter version: sending floor or PC sound to speaker didn't work when Audac amp was used
  • bugfix: Signus activity was incorrectly added to the activity list when canceling TCC configuration changes
  • change: configuration of restricted mode background screen is removed, since this functionality stopped working with the release of Windows10


  • Released 05/01/2017
  • improvement : extra notification from FTP server to TCC about successful collection of files (next to client-TCC notifications)
  • bugfix : when student webcams were enabled without teacher webcam, the students got a large preview of their own webcam when intercom was activated
  • bugfix : a TCC crash could occur when selecting students in the classcanvas (bug introduced in v.2.13.0)
  • add-on (Plixus integration only) : button to have the floor or the teacher PC sound on the classroom speakers
  • improvement (Plixus integration only) : repeated volume slider changes in the source pane are now filtered to match the slow response time of the conference system (this avoids a queued slow reaction on volume changes long after the actual slider change)
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