Installing Sonus [EN]

After downloading the Sonus from our partner domain, you can start installing. double click the Sonus icon and the wizard will open.


Click "Next" on the first window after you made sure that all other applications are closed. Then by default, "Install for anyone using this computer" is selected. We recommend using this option. Press "Next"


Now you get to choose if you want to install the "Student Sonus" or the "Teacher Sonus". Select the one you want to install and press "Next".


Here you get the option to install components together with the Sonus. by default, they are both selected. you can select/deselect as you please and then press "Next".


In the next window, you can select your destination folder. This is the last step before installing the Sonus. If you're ready you can click the "Install" button and the Sonus will start installing.


Just wait until the installation has finished and you get the next window. Press the "Finish" button and the wizard will close.


Double click on the Sonus icon to start the program for the first time. You'll see that it asks to install a license. This is explained in the following article:

Install Sonus License Local

Install Sonus By TCC 

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