Updating the Clients

Update Files

To start, you will need the new file to update the Client. They are available via our partner domain. Download the newest Client version and follow the procedure below.
After updating the clients make sure that you update the TCC as well.
Updating the TCC

Update with TCC

Important note: make sure that all student PC's are connected to the TCC and logged on with an account to Windows.

In the TCC click on the teacher desk. Open the configurator.

Now navigate to Advanced Settings. You will see a pop-up asking for the Administrator password. Enter the TCC administrator password.

Navigate to Updates, here you will see the versions of the clients that are connected to the TCC. Click the "Update" button. A window will popup, here you navigate to the folder where you downloaded your update files to. Load the newest version of the client and the download will commence immediately. 

When all the clients are updated, click the Reset button and check if the clients are still connected. If that is successful, we recommend restarting the TCC once.


Update Local

If you are unable to do the update with the TCC, you can do it manually as well. double click the new client application. Click "next" on the introduction page. Now you check your installed solution. If you don't use Tenjin or pro cards, you can leave the checkboxes unchecked. Click "next".

Now you need to select the client type and click "next".

Here you will see 3 check boxes. Unless it's really necessary we recommend to leave them unchecked.

This was the last step of the wizard. Click "install" and wait until it's done, then click "finish". The client will reset and will be ready to use.

If you have any troubles during or after the updates, please do not hesitate to contact one of our technicians through the support program.

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