Adding an assessmentQ certificate


Proceed as follows to add an assessmentQ certificate:

  1. In the Certificates tab, click + Add in the upper right of the module.
  2. Fill in the Add certificate form:


  • Enter the certificate name

    Note: This name will be shown on the certificate.  

  • Add one or more publication(s) for which this certificate applies.

    - The candidates will receive a certificate when they successfully complete one of these publications.
    - You can use one and the same publication in one certificate only. When you delete this certificate, you can use the publication again in a new certificate.

  • Select a template.

    Note: The language on the certificate depends on the template used for the publication. To receive a template for your organization, contact Televic Education via  

  • Click Save.
    The new certificate is added to the certificates overview.
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