Release notes v3.24

New player navigation option

A new option is available for the free navigation mode in the Edumatic player: mandatory components in free navigation mode.

You can force the users (students, candidates, employees) to first finish one or more components of a publication before they can access the other components.  

Once the users finish the mandatory components, they can no longer open or change the questions in these components: the components remain visible in the content overview, but are no longer clickable.  

To use this option, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Player template > Settings on publication level, select the option “Free navigation between components and items”, check the option “With the exception of [x] initial component(s)” and select the number of mandatory initial components:
  2. If required, adjust the end message for the mandatory component(s).
    This message is shown to the users when they finish a mandatory component.


LaTeX support in dropdowns and drag & drop questions

Starting from Edumatic V3.24, LaTeX formulae are supported in the Edumatic player in dropdown and drag & drop questions.

As an author, you no longer need to create images to use mathematic formulae in dropdown and drag & drop questions. You simply type or copy your LaTeX formulae into your question.

For more information on how to insert LaTeX formulae in dropdown and drag & drop questions, see Annex 1: LaTeX in dropdown and drag & drop.


Integration with eBlox HR

Starting from Edumatic V3.24 an integration with eBlox HR of sdworx is available.

Contact us if you want to explore the possibilities of sdworx interface.

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