2. Creating items in the workspace


Items are created in the Workspace module.

The items in the workspace are organized in folders:


Proceed as follows to create a new item:

  1. Right-click on the folder in the Workspace in which you want to create the item and choose New item.
    Result: The Make new item popup appears. 
  2. In the Make new item pop-up:
    • Enter the name of the item
    • Choose the item type from the list.
    • Click OK.
      Result: The Content tab of the item is displayed.
  3. Enter the instruction:
    • Click  (Add Text) to add a text field and enter your instruction.
    • Click  (Add asset) to add an asset (image, audio, video, document).
    • If you want to reposition the text fields and assets:
      • Hover with your mouse over the content element which you want to reposition.
        The following icon will appear:
      • Click on the icon and drag and drop your content element to the required position.
  4. Enter the question.

    Note: The procedure to enter the question differs depending on the item type you selected. For example:

    • Click to add an option in a Multiple choice question.
    • Click to add a dropdown list in a Dropdown question. 
  5. Click Preview at the bottom right to try out your item in the Edumatic player.
  6. If your item is ready to be used in a publication, tick the Active checkbox.

    Tip: Inactive items are displayed in grey in the folder structure.

  7. Click Save.

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