3. Publishing items from a folder


When you have created a number of items in a folder, you can publish the entire folder as a practice publication or an assessment.

Publishing a folder is done in the Edumatic backoffice from the Workspace


To publish a folder from the workspace:

  1. Open the Workspace in the Edumatic backoffice.
  2. Right-click on the folder in the Workspace and choose Publish.
    Result: The Publish popup appears. 
  3. In the Publish pop-up:
    • Enter a title for the publication.

      Note: The title of the publication is shown to the user in the Edumatic player.

    • Choose the publication type (practice or assessment).
    • Choose the publication language.
      This language defines the interface language in the player provided the player interface language is set to the publication language in the player template.
    • Tick Integrated Exercise only if you are publishing an integrated economic exercise.
    • Click OK.
      Result: The newly created publication is added to the publications in creation in the module Publications.
  4. Go to the publications in creation in the Publications module and click the Preview button to try out your publication in the Edumatic player.
  5. If you want to make changes to your publication, click  (Edit) next to your publication:
      • In the Content tab, you can change the order of the components or the items in the components, you can add or delete items, etc.
      • In the Properties tab, you can set time limitations, change the publication language, choose a different player skin for your publication (if available), etc. 
      • In the Player template tab, you can change the player template settings, such as navigation mode, player interface language, alert messages, etc. 
      • In the Review template tab, you can choose the review template.
        The default review template allows users to see their answers only (no feedback, correction or solution).
  6. If your publication is ready to be used, click (Validate) next to your publication.
    Result: The publication is added to the validated publications in the module Publications.

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4. Scheduling a publication on the Edumatic portal

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