4. Scheduling a publication on the Edumatic portal


A validated publication is not available on the user's portal yet. To make it available on the portal, you need to schedule it first, i.e. making it available to one or more users or groups for a certain period of time. 


To schedule a publication on the Edumatic portal:

  1. In the Schedules module, click .
  2. In the Schedules screen:
    • Enter a Name for the Schedule. The name will be visible to the users in the portal.
    • Enter the start and end date during which the scheduled publication(s) will be accessible to the users via the portal.
    • (Optionally) Select Review and enter the period during which the publications should be available in review mode.

      Tip: Setting a review is possible for new as well as for published schedules.

    • (Optionally) Add one or more tags to the schedule.
      Tags allow you to search for schedules in the schedules’ overviews.
    • Add one or more notifications if you want the user to be notified by mail.
      You can send notification mails:
      - X number of days / hours / minutes before the schedule starts.
      - X number of days / hours / minutes before the schedule ends.
    • Add one or more publications to the schedule.
    • Add one or more users or user groups to the schedule. 

      Note: The schedule is automatically saved and added to the Draft schedules.

  3. For the schedule to appear in the portal, the schedule needs to be published:
    • Click the Draft icon and edit the schedule that you want to publish.
    • Click Publish at the bottom of the page.
      The scheduled publications appear on the Edumatic portal.

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