Starting an assignment from the portal


The assignments you have planned will be displayed to users who log on to the portal. They can start the assignments now.


To start an assignment from the assessmentQ portal as a user:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your e-mail address and password and click Log on.
    Result: The Edumatic portal appears. You see the assignments which are scheduled for your account.
    The current assignments are shown under Ongoing. A progress bar indicates the progression of an assignment. Each assignment type has its own icon:
    1. Exam assignment:mceclip0.png
    2. an assignment secured by Safe Exam Browser (SEB): mceclip2.png. More information.
    3. Exercise assignmentmceclip0.png
  3. Click on an assignment to start.
    Result: A launch page is opened.mceclip1.png
  4. Click on Start.
    Result: The assignment is opened in the assessmentQ player.

Available options in the launch page

When you take an assignment, you can use the following buttons.

  • Start an assignment. The Start button is available for assignments that have not been started yet. When you click Start, the assignment is opened in the player. A new session is created.
  • Continue an assignment. The Continue button is available for assignments which have been started but not finished.  When you click Continue, your last session will be opened (you will see the answers you previously entered).
  • Restart an assignment. The Restart button is available for assignments which have been started but not finished. It is available for exercise assignments only. When you click Restart, a new session will be started (you will not see your previous answers as you ares now working in a new session). 
  • Review an assignment. The Review button is available for assignments which have been scheduled for review. When you click the Review button, the assignment is launched in review mode. You can navigate through the assignment and you can see your answers, but you cannot make any changes. 
  • A 4-digit code and additional information for examination assignments that are secured by Safe Exam Browser (SEB), see Taking an exam in SEB.

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