assessmentQ system requirements

System requirements for end users

assessmentQ incorporates an HTML5 player, allowing end users (employees, students, candidates, ...) to access assessmentQ content on the latest version of all standard browsers, operating systems (including iOS) and on fixed or mobile devices:

  • PC and notebooks with Windows and MacOSX operating systems in Internet Explorer 11* and most recent browser versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  • Tablets and smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Reliable internet connection: the higher the bandwidth of the internet connection, the more efficient the use of the application.
  • For the system requirement for recording exercises, see Recording
  • A recent version of Chrome or Firefox is required for dialog exercises including voice recording.
    For more information, see Browser requirements for recording.

Note that the proper functioning of assessmentQ in the operating systems and browser versions listed above is guaranteed as long as these versions are supported by their suppliers.

* Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 entered end-of-life on January 12, 2016.
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Internet Explorer 11 will be supported in assessmentQ until end of December 2020.

Cookie settings

  1. Google Chrome: Content preview is only possible in Google Chrome when the user accepts cookies.
  2. Microsoft Edge:
    • Block all cookies: your login page will not load.
    • Block only third-party cookies: Content preview is not possible.
  3. Firefox:
    • Block all cookies: your login page will not load.
    • Block all third-party cookies: Content preview is not possible.

Additional requirements

for backoffice users

  • Minimal screen resolution 1280 * 1024
  • Have the Edumatic application installed
  • The assessmentQ backoffice is not supported in Internet Explorer 11

offline player
offline results service

  • Only supported in Windows 10

More information

System requirements for recording

Browser requirements for recording in dialog exercises

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