Browser requirements for recording in dialog exercises

The recording functionality in dialog exercises uses WebRTC technology. The WebRTC technology is not completely supported by all browsers yet:

  • If you want to use the WebRTC based version of recording, you need to work in Chrome (V49 or higher) or Firefox (V30 or higher).
  • When you open the Edumatic player in a browser which does not support the WebRTC technology, the Flash variant of the recording will be used.
    The behavior will be as follows:
    • On desktop devices with Flash support:
      The voice recording will work. 
    • On desktop devices without Flash support:
      A message will be shown informing the user that a Flash browser plugin needs to be installed.
    • On devices which do not allow the installation of Flash support (iOS, Android via Google Play Store since V4.1 Jellybean):
      The content of the exercise will be shown, but the recording button itself will be disabled.

Note: Dialog exercises without voice recording will work on all devices.

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