Can I import items in Edumatic?


You can import Multiple choice - one answer and Multiple choice - multiple answers items in Edumatic from an Excel file. The items are imported in the Edumatic workspace in the folder of your choice.

Example of the format the Excel file should comply with:

  • Column A: item name
  • Column B: item type. This should be “Multiple Response” or “Multiple Choice”.
  • Column C: the task and options
  • Column D: indication of correct option(s). This should be “x”.
  • Column E: Feedback for correct answers. This field can be left empty.
  • Column F: Feedback for incorrect answers. This field can be left empty.
  • Column G: Score for correct answers. If left empty, the default item scoring will be applied.
  • Column H: Score for incorrect answers. If left empty, the default item scoring will be applied.

Tip: When importing items, take into account that:

  • The supported file encoding is UTF8.
  • The following text formatting options are supported: bold, italic, underline, size and color.
  • New line (ALT + enter) is supported.
  • Import of media files and metadata is not supported. If required, you can edit the items in Edumatic to add the media files or metadata.


To import an Excel file, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Workspace module, go to the folder of your choice.
  2. Right-click and choose Import.
  3. In the Import items window, click  to browse and to select the import file.
    The items which will be imported are listed in the import window:
    • If wanted, you can deselect items which should not be imported.
    • By default, all items are imported with the status Active.
      To import items with the status Inactive, you can either deselect one or more items in the column Active or deselect All items Active.
  4. Click OK to start the import.
    Result: The items are now added in the workspace folder.
    If you are working in the alphabetical view, the imported items are sorted alphabetically. Else, the items are listed in the order of your Excel.
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