Activating/inactivating the state of an item


Proceed as follows to activate or inactivate the state of an item:

  1. In the Workspace, select the item you want to activate.
  2. Check the Active checkbox on the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Save the item.


  • When an item is created, it is marked inactive by default. Inactive items are displayed in grey in the tree structure.

  • When an item is copied, the copy receives the same state as the original.
  • Inactive items are not selected for a publication when publishing a scenario or a folder in the workspace.

Active/inactive status of a casus

A casus remains inactive as long as at least one item in the casus is inactive. As soon as the last casus item is set active, the casus itself will automatically become active.

When you change the casus state from active to inactive, all items in the casus will become inactive. When you change the casus state from inactive to active, all items in the casus will become active.

Active/inactive status of items in a multilingual item

Items in a multilingual item automatically inherit the status of its parent.

A multilingual item is automatically de-activated when:

  • a child item is removed and less than 2 children remain.
  • a child item’s language is changed.
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