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The following features are supported in the open question type:

  • Automated correction and feedback based on keyword matching.
  • Spell checker to avoid trivial errors such as typing errors on the user's side.

When creating an open question :

  • The author can enter a list of keywords (correct and incorrect).
  • For each keyword, a score and feedback can be given.
  • The author can also include the model answer for the question.

Based on the keywords found in the user's response, Edumatic will automatically calculate a score and provide detailed feedback on the keywords found and keywords missing in the user's response. The model response is shown to the user.

There are three types of keywords:

  • Single keywords: As soon as a keyword is found in the user's response, a score is assigned.
    In this example the user will receive a score for “1958” as soon as “1958” is present in his answer (whether “Waterkeyn” occurs in the answer or not).
  • And keywords: Two keywords must be present in the user's response within a certain range for a score to be assigned.
    In this example the user will receive a score for “1958” provided “Waterkeyn” is also present in his answer and there are no more than 10 non-blank strings between the two keywords.
  • Bonus keywords: As soon as the first keyword is found in the user's answer, a score is assigned. If the bonus keyword is also present in the user's response within a certain range, an additional score is assigned.
    In this example the user will receive a score of 1 point as soon as “1958” is present in his answer. If “Waterkeyn” is also present in his answer and there are no more than 10 non blank strings between the two keywords, an additional score of 0,5 points is assigned.

In the Edumatic Manual Scoring module, a coach can review user responses and manually correct scores. For more information, see Manually scoring an open question.


To create an open question, do the following:

  1. Right-click the folder in which you want the open question to appear
  2. Choose New item.
    Result: The Create New Item screen appears.
  3. Select the Open Question item type.
  4. Enter a name
  5. Click OK.
    • Open the Properties tab to add or edit metadata for this item.
    • Open the Content tab and click the text icon to add a text field or the active icon to add an image, sound or video,...
  6. Fill in the assignment in the first text field.
  7. Note the response of the template in the second text field.

The Question tab

Opening the Question tab below allows you to:

  • Select the language of the question (by default, the same as the language of the backoffice interface).

    Warning: Language choice is important :

    • On the user's side: To ensure spell checking is done in the correct language.
    • On the author's side: So that keywords are saved in the autocompletion list of keywords of the corresponding language. For more information on the autocompletion list of keywords, see below.
  • Set the number of characters or words that users can fill in to answer the question.
  • Click Show Edit Links if the URL link icon should be available for users in the player.

The Keywords tab

Opening the Keywords tab below allows you to :

  • Add the keywords using copy and paste from the template response or type the keywords into the keyword list below. For more information on keyword types, see above.

    Tip: If the keyword (or part of the keyword) is in the auto-completion list, suggestions for the keyword and its alternatives will be displayed.

    • The autocompletion list is language-specific.
    • Automatic completion lists are automatically updated with newly added, updated or deleted keywords.

    Click on a suggestion to add it to the list of keywords.

  • To add alternative keywords, insert them in square brackets separated by a slash, see the screenshot below for an example.
  • Check the scores for correct and incorrect keywords.
  • If necessary, fill in feedback for keywords found or missing in the user's response.
  • To change a keyword or feedback field, move the cursor over the field and click the Edit icon.

The Negation tab

The Keyword Negation tab allows an author to do the following:

  • When a keyword is in the user's response, but is preceded or followed by a negation (for example "no", not, "neither", ...) present in the element's negation list, the keyword is ignored, i.e.

    • no score is assigned for correct keywords.
    • no score is deducted for incorrect keywords.
  • Edumatic offers default negation settings by language.
    The default negation settings for English, for example, are :
  • An author can edit the negation list by item to add additional negations, to delete negations or to change the negation range.

The Scoring tab

Open the Scoring tab below to check the scoring settings.

  • By default, system scoring is set.
    The maximum and minimum score is automatically calculated on the basis of the sum of the correct and incorrect keyword scores.
    Click Override if you want to increase the maximum score for the question.

    Tip: If the automatically calculated maximum score is changed, it will be impossible for the user to obtain the maximum score based on the keywords in his answer. Manual scoring will be required for this question.

  • Select Min or max score or Recalculated score if you want to change the scoring mechanism.
  • For more information on the scoring mechanisms, see Adding the source of a question

Advanced options

If you want to give students/candidates the possibility to not only type their answer, but also to upload files, you can use the Upload files functionality.

Tip: The title for the upload section can be customized.

To allow Upload files for an open question, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Workspace module, open the Content tab of your Open question item.
  2. Open the tab Upload files at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Select the option and choose the maximum number of files a student/candidate can upload.

To customize the title for the upload section, see Customize titles, help & alerts in the Player template settings.

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