Collecting files


Tip: All activities actually allow to do this automatically so you don't have to do the procedure below! Simply check the Automatically collect ... in the Options for this activity... menu.

Proceed as follows to collect files from the students' PCs:

  1. Under File Transfer, click Collect student files.

    Result: The Collect files dialog box appears.
  2. Choose from which folder on the Live Drive you want to collect.

    Warning: You cannot collect any files from the students’ computers, virtual drives or memory sticks, the file you want to collect must be on the Live Drive.

  3. Select whether you want to collect :
    • All files from that folder.
    • A selection of transmitted files:
      1. Select Following selection.
      2. Untick the boxes in front of any previously sent files that you do not want to collect.
    • Following file(s), further specified by you
      • Specify which files by typing either part of the file name or the file type in the text field and clicking +.
        You can remove a list item by right clicking it and then clicking .

  4. Click Collect
    Result: The link to the Collected files folder is shown in blue below this option.
    This link is set by your IT depertment.
  5. If desired, cut and copy the files to another location.

Don't forget the students' computers need to be turned on to do this!

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