Making a recording

Teacher-led route

Proceed as follows to make a recording via the teacher-led route:

  1. In the Class view, select File activities.
  2. Click Sonus.
  3. Select Create a new file.
  4. Click  Start activity.
    Result: Sonus now opens on the student PCs.
  5. In Teacher control only mode, control the students' recordings with .
  6. Stop the activity by clicking .
    Result: The recording stops, Sonus closes on the student PCs, and the files are saved to the students' Live Drives.

Student-led route

Proceed as follows to make a recording via the student-led route:

  1. Ask each student to open Sonus on their PC.
  2. Tell them to press Record  to start the recording.
  3. To stop the recording, students need to press Stop .
  4. Using Play , students can listen to their recording.
  5. Clicking Decline  deletes the recording.
    Clicking Accept  accepts the recording.
  6. Tell the students they need to save the file by clicking Save as... in the File tab in the top left corner.
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