Deactivating a license key


A Single PC license key can be used to activate an application on one PC only. When renewing PCs for instance it might be necessary to transfer a license from one PC to another. This can be easily done by the end user.

However, in case of a fatal computer crash, the end user may no longer be able to go through the key deactivation procedure. In that case, the IT administrator can use the License Manager tool to deactivate the license key of the old computer, and this way free it up for reuse on a new PC.



Proceed as follows to deactivate a license key in TCC:

  1. Select the teacher icon  in the Class view.
    Result: The teacher dialog box appears.
  2. Click Admin login... .
    Result: The Administrator login dialog box appears.
  3. Fill in the adminstrator password and click Ok.
  4. Click License configuration.
    Result: The License management dialog box appears. 
  5. Make sure Activation code is selected in the License type drop-down menu and click Uninstall.
    Result: The activation code is deactivated.


Proceed as follows to deactivate a license key in Sonus:

  • Go to the Settings tab in Sonus menu and select Uninstall license key

Televic License Manager

The video shows how to deactivate a license key. 

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