Creating an application whitelist


As a teacher you can create a list of applications students are allowed to use during Restricted mode. This list of applications is called an Application whitelist.


Proceed as follows to create an Application whitelist:

  1. Click Application whitelist.
    Result: The Application whitelist dialog box appears.
  2. Click +.
    Result: The Add application dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the full application path as in the example below or select Browse..., navigate to the application and click Open.
  4. Click Ok.
    Result: The application is added to the left column in the Applications whitelist dialog box.

    Tip: Select Export to save the whitelist. This can be interesting to add this list to a TCCs on other PCs

  5. Select the students who are allowed to use the application(s) in the right column.
  6. Click Ok.
    A whitelist icon is added to the Restricted mode button: 
  7. Activate the Restricted mode to apply the Application whitelist.
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