Manually creating a publication


Proceed as follows to manually create a publication:

    1. Go to the Publications module and select +New publication.
    2. Fill in the properties of the publication and click OK.
      Result: A new publication is created.
      The publication properties are saved under the Properties tab.
      The Content tab is opened automatically.
    3. In the Content tab, click +Add  to add a new component.
      Result: The New component dialog box appears.
    4. Fill in the properties of the component and click Ok.
      Result: The newly created component is added to the overview.
      See Editing a publication component for more information.
    5. Repeat steps 3 to 4 to add all components you need.
    6. In the components overview, click on a component to add items to the component.
    7. Repeat the previous step for all components.

Tip: Open the Player template tab to edit the player template settings.

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