Adding feedback


Activating Add Feedback track in the bottom-left corner adds a third track, the Feedback track to the track bar. This allows the teacher to add specific feedback to students' annotated source files.

Just as for annotations, you can add three kinds of feedback:

  • Video feedback
  • Audio feedback
  • Text feedback

Warning: You can only activate Add feedback track if at least one annotation has been added to a source file.
While in Feedback mode it is impossible to add annotations.


  1. In the bottom-left corner, turn on the Feedback mode by clicking Add feedback track .
    Result: The feedback track is added to the track bar and the source section and the annotation section moved to the right to make place for the feedback section.

    Tip: You can change the orientation of the source section and the annotations section by clicking Horizontal or vertical position .

  2. Select  for Video feedback.
    Select  for Audio feedback.
    Select   for Text feedback.
    Result: the Video, Audio or Text feedback icon is highlighted in green.
  3. Click Pause  if you want to add consecutive feedback.
  4. Click Record  to start the feedback.

    Warning: When adding simultaneous Video or Audio feedback, it is impossible to pause the annotated source file.
    Click Pause  or press Ctrl + space to pause the annotated source file while adding Text feedback.

  5. Click Stop  to stop with your feedback.
    Result: your feedback is added to the Feedback track.

  6. Right-click the newly created feedback to make the feedback menu appear.
    Click Delete if you want to delete the feedback.

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