Establishing a remote intercom connection


Proceed as follows to establish a remote intercom connection:

  1. In the bottom-right corner of TCC, both sites click Connect to remote site.
    Result: The remote connection is established .

    Warning: Both sites need to have Connect to remote site  activated to establish a connection.

  2. Select the remote teacher in the teacher icon.

    Result: the following dialog box appears.

    Tip: You can now chat with the remote user.

  3. Click Request remote intercom.
    Result: The Request intercom icon turns orange . The following dialog box appears on the remote user's PC.
  4. The remote user selects Accept remote intercom.
    Result: both sites are connected and the Intercom turns green. 
  5. One of both users can click Intercom  to establish a microphone and webcam connection.
    Result: On both computers, A new window appears, showing the remote teacher's webcam feed.
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