Generating and customising a PDF report


You can export report data to a PDF you can costumise.


Proceed as follows to generate a PDF report:

  • After having generated a report (standard or advanced), click  at the bottom of the screen.
    Result: the Export to PDF options dialog window is opened.

    You can make the following changes:
    • You can change the Report title.
      The title will appear in the top-left corner, below the PDF header.
    • You can customise the Report header:
      1. Upload the header to the media library.
      2. Go back to Export to PDF options.
      3. Select the file by clicking ... and opening your file in the dialog window.
        Result: Your header will be displayed inside the PDF at the top of every page.

      Tip: If you would like to create a custom header yourself, please take following optimal graphic file dimensions into account:

      • For portrait: a width of 850 pixels and a height of 150 pixels.
      • For landscape: a width of 1200 pixels and a height of 150 pixels.
    • You can choose between Portrait or Landscape mode.
    • New page per top level.
      If you want a new page inside your PDF for every top level (e.g. student), select Use a new page inside the PDF.

      Tip: This comes in handy when you need a separate page to hand out to every pupil/student of the class.

    • Label for top level.
      You can also change the label that will be printed in the PDF for the top level. Instead of ‘User’ you can for example use ‘Candidate’ or ‘Pupil’.
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