The Listen and Repeat interface


In the Listen and Repeat menu you can find the following tabs:

  • Settings
    This opens the configuration menu, where you can choose the user interface language and the language used by the recognition engine. Both text-to-speech and speech recognition will only work for text files in the same language as the selected speech recognition language. By default, only one speech recognition engine is installed on your PC. However, depending on your OS license, it may be possible to install or purchase additional speech engine language packs.
  • Open...
    Here you can search for text files to open in Listen and Repeat.
  • Do a test...
    Start a test here.
  • Exit
    Click this button to exit the application.

Tip: It is also possible to purchase higher quality Text-to-speech voices than the voice which comes preinstalled (“Microsoft Anna”).
Voices can be deployed from:

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