Doing a test...


Proceed as follows to repeat a sentence:

  1. In the Listen and Repeat menu, click Do a test... 
    Result: A directory dialog box appears.
  2. Open a text file containing the sentences to repeat.
  3. Click Play  to start the test.
  4. Listen to the sentence while the Listen  icon is green, repeat the sentence while the Repeat  icon is red.
    Each sentence will first be read, and you get one chance to repeat it.

    Tip: Stop a running test by clicking Stop . If you do so, you will have to start over.

  5. After repeating the last sentence, the test is automatically ended.
    Result: A PDF document is opened, containing all recognised sentences and their according Recognition score.
    Along with this, an audio file, containing a recording of your speech, is opened in Sonus.
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