Creating a user group


System user groups are created automatically by the system. There are four different types:

  • Channel Admins (the general administrators) have access to all backend modules.
  • Authors only have access to the workspace, scenarios, publications and media library.
  • Coachers only have access to the reporting and scheduling module.
  • Candidates have no access to the back end

Tip: System groups cannot be deleted. New system groups can, however, be created by Televic Education.

Custom user groups can be created and deleted by the channel administrator.

Best practice of working with custom user groups:

    • Create a user group.
    • Add users to the user group.
    • For a custom user group of back office users:
      • Link this user group to one or more system groups.
      • If needed, assign additional backoffice rights to the user group.


Proceed as follows to create a user group

    1. In the Management module, select Groups.
    2. Select +Add at the bottom of the screen.
      Result: The New group dialog box appears.
    3. In the new window, enter the following information:
      • Name
      • Description
    4. Click OK to confirm.
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