Linking a group of back office users to a system group


If you have created a user group of back office users, you need to link this group to one or more system groups in order for the back office users to have access to the relevant back office modules.
A user group of authors, for example, needs to be linked to the system group Authors to have access to the modules workspace, scenarios, publications and media library.

When a user group is linked to a system group, this user group automatically inherits all the access rights of the system group.
For example, if the system group Authors has access to a tree in the media library called ‘General library’, the user groups which are linked to the system group Authors will all have access to this tree in the media library.


To link a user to a system group, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Management module, select Groups.
  2. Select Edit  in the rightmost column next to the System group you want to link a User group to.

    Tip: Since they cannot be deleted, System groups do not have a Delete icon in the rightmost column next to their name.

  3. Open the Groups tab and click Add at the bottom of the page.
    Result: The Add group window appears.
  4. In the Add group window:
    • Enter (part of) the name of the user group which you want to link to the system group.
    • Click enter to start the search.
      Result: The user group (if available) will be displayed.
    • Select this user group and click Ok.
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