Exporting publication access codes to PDF


Proceed as follows to export publication access codes to PDF:

  1. In the Management module, click Access codes.
  2. Search for a publication by entering (part of) its name into the search box and Pressing Enter to search.
    Result: The publication appears in the overview.
  3. Click Add  in the rightmost column next to the publication.
    Result: A new window appears, listing the users and their access codes for the selected publication.
    Optionally, you can make a selection out of the access codes by:
    • Filtering on a user group using the Filter on group dropdown at the top.
      Result: Only the access codes for the users of your group are listed.
    • Manually selecting the access codes of your choice:
      • Tick the checkbox at the top left of the list to deselect / select all codes.
      • Select the access codes of your choice.
  4. Click Export to PDF at the bottom.
    The PDF contains:
    • An overview page listing all the users’ access codes.
      This page will typically be used by the examination supervisor.
    • Individual pages containing a user’s access code.
      These pages will be distributed to the examination candidates / students.
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