Creating a new item


Proceed as follows to create a new item in the Edumatic backoffce:

  1. Right click on the folder in which you want to create the item.
  2. Choose New item.
    Result: the screen Make new item appears.
  3. Enter a name for your new item.
  4. Choose the item type from the list and click OK.

Two tabs appear for every item:

  • Content
  • Properties

Warning: You can only create a new item inside a folder that doesn’t already contain subfolders. Items and folders cannot be mixed inside one folder.


Here you create the item.

The Content tab looks different for each item type. Here we will look at the general characteristics of all the item types.


The tab Properties contains the following elements:

  • ID of the item: this is a numerical code for the item in the database.
  • The title of the item.
  • The path to this item in the workspace.
  • The item type (for example: Content item).
  • Creation date, modification date and for each the name of the author.
  • The metadata.
  • The overview of the validated publications in which the item is used. 

Tip: You can select the path for easy copy and paste into a document of your choice.

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