Adding the source of an item


Edumatic allows authors to add a source to each item.

This source functionality is also available for media files.

As an author you can choose to show or hide your item source. If the author decides to show the source information in the Edumatic player, it is accessible in the upper right corner.


Proceed as follows to add the source of an item:

  1. Open your item.
  2. Add the source information to the Source field, which you find under the Question tab.

Showing the source in the Edumatic player

Warning: Adding a source to an item does not necessarily result in the source being displayed in the Edumatic player. Proceed as described below to make sure the source is displayed in the player. 

To show the source in the Edumatic player:

  1. Go to the Publications module.
  2. Edit the publication of your choice.
  3. Open the Player template tab.
  4. Click on Settings on item level tab.
  5. Select Show source.
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