The Crossword item type is ideal to test the students'/candidates' vocabulary or knowledge of scientific definitions in a creative way. Often the Crossword item type offers a creative change from the ordinary exercises.


To create a Crossword proceed as follows:

  • Click on +Column and +Row to add columns and rows to the crossword grid.

To add words to the grid, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Change direction to select the desired direction of the word (horizontally or vertically).
  2. Select a box in the crossword (for example where you want the first letter of a word to appear) and type the first letter.
    Result: The next box will highlight, allowing you to type the next letter immediately.
  3. Select the first letter of the word and fill in the description to the right of the crossword.
    Result: If you click any letter in the crossword, you can see the corresponding description blanks highlighted.

    Warning: Make sure the box next to the description field is checked, or the description will not appear to the student when filling in the crossword.

Additional features of the Crossword item type

Initial letter

  • If you click any letter in the crossword, the Box tab will open at the bottom of the screen. The content is automatically filled in with the corresponding letter.
  • Check Initial if you want this letter to appear to the student.

Show or hide empty boxes

  1. Open the Question tab to change the question settings.
  2. Fill in the general feedback or feedback for a correct or incorrect answer.
  3. Deselect Show empty boxes if you want the student to only see grid boxes that need to be filled in. The rest of the grid will be invisible.


  • An example of a crossword with Show empty boxes unchecked, only the grid boxes to fill in are visible:
  • An example of a crossword with Show empty boxes checked, so with the entire grid visible:
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