Situational judgement


In the item type Situational judgement an initial situation is shown together with a number of possible reactions to this situation. The goal of the exercise is to select the most proper reaction to a certain situation.

New buttons

A number of new buttons appear in this exercise type:

  • This button allows you to add a reaction to the situation:
  • This button allows you to add text or an asset (image, audio, video file) to the reaction on the situation:
  • This button allows you to add a choice to a reaction:
  • This button allows you to add default choices to a reaction:

Tip: The last two buttons are inactive as long as there are no reactions added or selected.


Proceed as follows to create a Situational judgement item:

  1. Right click the folder in which you want the Situational judgement item to appear.
  2. Select New item.
    Result: The screen Make new item appears
  3. Select the item type Situational judgement item.
  4. Give it a name.
  5. Click OK.
    • Open the tab Properties to add or change the metadata of this item.
    • Open the tab Content and click on the text icon to add a text field or the asset icon to add an image, sound or video , … .

Creating the initial situation

Proceed as follows to create the intitial situation:

  1. Fill in the title of the situation in the gap below the buttons.
  2. Click on + Media item to add an asset or text.
    Result: A new menu appears on the right.
  3. Give the media item a name in the text field next to Label.
    This name will not be shown to the students.
  4. Expand the Advanced  menu.
  5. Select Text and write down the situation in the text field above.
    Select Media from the dropdown list and click to add an asset From local device or from The Media Library.
    Select Media and text to add both.

Adding reactions

Proceed as follows to add reactions:

  1. Click on + Reaction.
  2. Name the reaction.

    Result: The buttons  and  have become active.
  3. Click +Media item to add an asset or text to this reaction.

Adding choices

Proceed as follows to add choices, from which the students must choose, to a reaction:

  1. Click Default choices to use the predetermined set of questions.
    Set of five default choices:
  2. Click on  to delete a choice.
  3. Edit the choice by typing in the text field below.

    Tip: Choose a rather short description, for example ‘goed’ (En. ‘good’). A long choice description cannot be displayed on the button.

  4. Click the  button of a choice to indicate the correct choice to a reaction.
    Result 1: The most appropriate choice appears next to the reaction’s name and is highlighted.

    Result 2: The Choice tab is activated at the bottom of the screen.

    Tip: Hold the  icon to drag a reaction or a choice to another place.

  5. Set a score for all choices, correct or wrong.

Warning: If you click the choice’s icon with three horizontal lines  , you can edit the scores for this choice. If, however, you click the  button itself, you indicate that choice as the best answer.

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