This item type contains an additional text gap, which a student/candidate can use to fill in the correct translation.


Proceed as follows to create a Translate item:

  1. Right click the folder in which you want the Translate item to appear.
  2. Select New item.
    Result: The screen Make new item appears
  3. Select the item type Translate item.
  4. Give it a name.
  5. Click OK.
    • Open the tab Properties to add or change the metadata of this item.
    • Open the tab Content and click on the text icon to add a text field or the asset icon to add an image, sound or video , … .
  6. Add a text field to fill in the assignment.
  7. Select the text field with the assignment.
    Result: The Solutions tab is activated at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Fill in the possible answers.
  9. Indicate whether they are correct or not.
  10. Fill in any words or other clues to show to the students/candidates in the text field indicated in red below.

In the Solutions tab it is also possible to:

  • Customize the score.
  • Type in specific feedback for each answer.

    Tip: Add general, positive and negative feedback to the Question.

Adding alternative solutions

Add alternative solutions by:

  • Putting them between square brackets [solution1 / solution2].


  • Entering them as different values .
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