Upload file(s)


Example of an Upload file(s) item type in the back end:


Proceed as follows to create a Upload file(s) item:

  1. Right click the folder in which you want the Upload file(s) item to appear.
  2. Select New item.
    Result: The screen Make new item appears.
  3. Select the item type Upload file(s) item.
  4. Give it a name.
  5. Click OK.
    • Open the tab Properties to add or change the metadata of this item.
    • Open the tab Content and click on the text icon to add a text field or the asset icon to add an image, sound or video , … .
  6. In the Content tab, click the Add text icon to add the assignment.
  7. Set the maximum number of uploads in the Question tab below.
    By default the maximum number of uploads is set to 1.
  8. If you want to score this exercise:
    • Open the Scoring tab below to set the maximum score for this exercise.
      By default the maximum score is zero, because this exercise type cannot be scored automatically.
    • Click Override.
    • Enter the maximum score for the exercise.

    Warning: If you override the maximum score, manual scoring will be required for this exercise. For more information on manual scoring, see the Edumatic Coach Manual.

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