Verb conjugation


Example of a Verb conjugation item type in the backend:


Proceed as follows to create a Verb conjugation item:

  1. Right click the folder in which you want the Verb conjugation item to appear.
  2. Select New item.
    Result: The screen Make new item appears
  3. Select the item type Verb conjugation item.
  4. Give it a name.
  5. Click OK.
    • Open the tab Properties to add or change the metadata of this item.
    • Open the tab Content and click on the text icon to add a text field or the asset icon to add an image, sound or video , … .
  6. Create an example exercise on the first line (indicated in red below):
    • Choose the tense of the verb in the first drop-down list.
    • Choose the person in the second drop-down list.
    • Choose singular or plural in the third drop-down list.
    • Fill in the example verb and, optionally, add the translation below.
    • Fiinally fill in the conjugated form.
  7. On the second line, fill in all the information the student/candidate needs to correctly conjugate the verb.
  8. Leave the text gap the furthest to the right open.
    Here the student/candidate will have to fill in his answer.
  9. Select this gap.
    Result: the Gap tab is activated at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Fill in the answer in the Value column.
  11. Optionally, indicate the number of fixed characters (the number of characters of the solution that will be shown to the student at the start of the exercise).
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