Dropdown on background


A Dropdown on background item type is very similar to a Drag & drop text on background item type with the important nuance that students/candidates must, in the case of a Dropdown on background choose from a more limited and specific drop-down list of options.


Proceed as follows to create a Dropdown on background item:

  1. Right click the folder in which you want the Dropdown on background item to appear.
  2. Select New item.
    Result: The screen Make new item appears
  3. Select the item type Dropdown on background item.
  4. Give it a name.
  5. Click OK.
    • Open the tab Properties to add or change the metadata of this item.
    • Open the tab Content and click on the text icon to add a text field or the asset icon to add an image, sound or video , … .
  6. Click on + Background to add a background.
  7. Select an image from the media library or from a local device and click OK.

    Warning: Once an image is set as the background, it cannot be deleted. However, it can be replaced by another image.

  8. Click +Dropdown to add a drop-down.
  9. Click the newly made drop-down gap.
    Result: The tab Gap is activated at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Click Value to enter the first possible answer.
  11. Fill in the other values:
    • Check the box for a correct answer.
    • Leave it unchecked for an incorrect answer.
    • Score of the answer.
    • Specific feedback for that answer.

    Tip: The student will see the answers in the order they were entered.

Reference: See Advanced features of Drag & drop text on background to learn how to

  • Add initial values
  • Add a tab sequence.
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