Keyboard shortcuts


Signus provides a number of keyboard shortcuts that allow power users to control the application by means of the keyboard. 

Signus Keyboard shortcuts

The table below shows a list of Signus keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcut Description
R Record
  • If the video/audio recording is not paused ⇒ simultaneous recording.
  • If the video/audio recording is paused ⇒ consecutive recording.
X Stop recording.
Stop playing, if not recording.
Space Toggle Play/Pause.
Ctrl + Space Toggle Play/Pause when you are making a simultaneous text annotation
Arrow-Up / Arrow-Down Increase/decrease source text playback speed

General keyboard shortcuts

Signus also supports the general keyboard shortcuts below:

Keyboard shortcut Description
Ctrl + N New file
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + S Save file
Alt + F4 Exit
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