Adding annotations


In Signus you can make three kinds of annotations:

  • Video annotations
  • Audio annotations
  • Text annotations


Proceed as follows to add a video, audio or text annotation:

  1. Select  for a Video annotation.
    Select  for an Audio annotation.
    Select   for a Text annotation.

    Result: the Video, Audio or Text annotation icon is highlighted in green.
  2. Click Pause  if you want to add a consecutive annotation.
  3. Click Record  to start the annotation.

    Warning: When adding a simultaneous Video or Audio annotation, it is impossible to pause the source file.
    Click Pause  or press Ctrl + space to pause the source file while adding a Text annotation.

  4. Click Stop  to stop the annotation.
    Result: A blue annotation appears in the track bar.
  5. Right-click this annotation to make the annotations menu appear.
    Click Delete if you want to delete the annotation.
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