Taking control (access control)

Controlling the students' access

Proceed as follows to control the students' access to applications, devices and the internet:

  1. Click Access Control in the bottom-left corner.
  2. Choose one of the options below.
    If you want to Click
    block certain applications:  
    block all internet access:
    block or allow specific websites:
    block memory sticks:  
    block printing:  

    During tests or exams it might be useful to use Restricted mode  (in the Class view). During Restricted mode the students will not be able to start any programs or access any files (but the ones you launch).
    Create an Application whitelist  to add shortcuts to specific applications during Restricted mode.

Blanking the students' screens

Proceed as follows to blank the students' screens:

If you want a blank screen proceed as follows:
for all students: Click  in the top left corner of the TCC.
for certain students: First select these students, then click .
for one student: Select the student, then click  above the miniature version of his or her screen.

Controlling the student's mouse and keyboard

Proceed as follows to control the student's mouse and keyboard:

If you want to At the top of the TCC or per student’s enlarged screen view, click:
lock keyboard and mouse on the student’s PC:  
share the keyboard and mouse between you and the student (controlling the student’s PC):  
to take over keyboard and mouse of the student’s PC:  

Student PC control

Proceed as follows to shut down, log of, log on or restart the students' PCs

  1. Click Student PC Control in the bottom-left corner of the TCC.
  2. Choose one of the options below.
    If you want to Click:
    log off the student PCs.
    The Windows login screen will be shown.
    restart the student PCs.  
    shut down the student PCs.  
    login all student computers automatically from the teacher’s computer.
    This requires a generic login (e.g. the same login name and password for all students)!
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