Assisting the students


You can highlight certain sections on the students' screens from the TCC (The Teacher Control Centre) to assist the students while they are working.


Proceed as follows to view a student's screen and highlight a certain section:

  1. In the Class view, select a student by clicking on his or her icon.
    Result: The student's dialog window opens.

    Warning: A student needs to be logged on to appear among the icons.

  2. Click Monitor  to enlarge the student's screen.
    • Click Intercom  to talk directly to that student.
    • Click Show chat window  in the Class view to allow a class chat session you can monitor and join.
  3. Click Start screen annotation  to highlight certain sections on the student's computer screen.
  4. Use the arrows and to switch between students.
  5. Click Show screen to class to show that student's screen to all other students.
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