Using sources


In the Class view, under Sources, you'll find a list of possible analogue and digital sources that can be sent to the students in three different ways:

  • Play live only shows the source on the students' computers - they have no control.
  • Copy live shows the source to the students, not giving them any control at first. Afterwards, a copy opens automatically, granting the students control over the copy.
  • Record live will show the source to the students, while simultaneously recording their voices. Afterwards the students get the voice recording on top of a copy of the source.


Proceed as follows to use a source:

  1. Under Sources, select the source you want to use:
    • Desktop: The students get to see a part of the teacher's screen.
    • Teacher PC: The students hear the sound coming from the teacher PC.
    • Webcam: The students get to see the teacher or one of their fellow students.
    • Microphone: The students can hear the teacher or one of their fellow students.
    • Media file: The students listen to an audio file.
  2. Set the options for the source to your needs:

    Tip: Check Booth camera if you want to record the student's webcam view while recording another source.

    • When using Microphone or Webcam check Student cam and select a source student in the drop-down list to use a student as the source.
  3. Click Start activity.
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