Self practice mode


Whenever a teacher starts an activity without selecting certain students, all students, except those in Self practice mode will participate in the activity.

Since this feature was created to allow some students to work independently in a room where others have class, Blank screen and Block keyboard/mouse are not available for students in Self practice mode.

However, it is still possible for teachers to talk to these students via Intercom, and students can still make a Teacher call.


Proceed as follows to put students in Self practice mode:

  1. In the Class view select the students you want to put in Self practice mode.

    Tip:  You can select multiple students by holding Ctrl on your keyboard while clicking on the students.
    Clicking and dragging a box around the students you want to select is another way to select a group of students.

  2. Under Student PC control click Self practice mode .
    Result: The students in Self practice mode are greyed out and will not participate in any of the activities.
  3. Click Self practice mode again to deactivate the mode for all students, or just select the student you want to put out of Self practice mode before clicking Self practice mode.
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