Creating a schedule


The scheduling module allows you to schedule one or more publications for individual users or user groups. The scheduled publications will be visible for users on the Edumatic portal.

Once published, the publication is visible in the Edumatic portal. Within each schedule, the practice sessions and/or assessments are listed:

  • Assessments are preceded by  (assessment icon). Users can take an assessment only once.
  • Practice publications are preceded by  (practice icon). Users can start a practice publication an unlimited number of times (within the time limit of the schedule).

The user can:

  • Start a publication. The Start button is available for publications that have not been started yet. When the user clicks Start, a session is created.
  • Resume a publication. The Resume button is available for publications which have been started but not finished. When the user clicks Resume, the last session of the user will be opened (the user will see his answers).
  • Restart a publication. The Restart button is available for publications that have been started but not finished. It is available for practice publications only. When the user clicks Start over, a new session will be started (the user will not see his previous answers as he is now working in a new session).
  • Review a publication. The Review button is available for publications which have been scheduled by the coach for review. When clicking the Review button, the publication is launched in review mode. The user can navigate through the publication and can see his or her answers, but cannot make any changes. Depending on the review player template settings, users will be able to see the correction and the solution and receive feedback on their given answers.


To create a schedule, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Schedules module, click New schedule.

    Result: the following screen appears.
  2. In this screen:
    • Enter a Name for the schedule.
    • Enter the start and end date during which the scheduled publications will be accessible to the users via the portal.
    • Optionally, select Review and enter the period during which the publications should be available in Review mode.

      Tip: Setting a Review period is possible for new as well as for published schedules.

    • Optionally, add one or more Tags to the schedule.
      Tags allow you to search for schedules in the schedules overview.
    • Optionally, add one or more Notifications if you want the user to be notified by mail. The mails are sent in the language that is set in the account of the user. 
      You can send notification mails:
      • X number of days before the schedule starts.
      • X number of days before the schedule ends.
    • Add one or more Publications to the overview.
    • Add one or more users or user groups to the schedule.
  3. Click Publish for the schedule to appear in the portal.
    If you do not click Publish, the schedule is automatically saved and added to the Draft schedules.
    • Click Publish  in the Drafts overview to publish a draft schedule.
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