Generating a standard reporting at the users/groups level


In the standard reporting a coach can generate reports on the following levels:

  • Publications (one or more publications)
  • Schedules
  • Users
  • User groups

The Users/Groups overview page lists all the users/groups in your channel.


Proceed as follows to generate a standard report at the users/groups level:

  1. In the Reporting section, select the Users/Groups overview.
    Result: The Users overview page lists all the users of your Edumatic channel. The users for which there is no logging are greyed out in the overview.
  2. Check the Users/Groups you want to generate a report for.

    Tip: You can filter through the users/groups by using the search box or by using one of the following filters:

    • Show deleted users.
    • Show users/groups without logging. Users/groups without logging are users/groups that have not yet started a publication. These users/groups are greyed out in the overview.
  3. Click Generate report to see the standard report.
    Result: The overview shows for each user the total time spent on Edumatic publications and the total score obtained for these publications.
    • Click 6.png before the user's/group's name to see the publications the user has made.
    • Click 6.png before a user's name to see that user's session.
    • Click a user's session to see the content and the user's answers.

    Tip: In this screen:

    • You can navigate through the answers of the user using the tree on the left or the arrows at the bottom right of the screen.
    • At the right you see what the student answered and which feedback the student received.
    • You can print the user’s session by clicking Print at the bottom right.
    • On the left you see the scores (score, max score, percentage and passed or not passed).
    • You can export this data to CSV or PDF using the buttons at the bottom.
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