Generating a standard report at the schedules level


In the standard reporting a coach can generate reports on the following levels:

  • Publications (one or more publications)
  • Schedules
  • Users
  • User groups

The schedules overview page lists all the schedules for which you have coaching rights.


Proceed as follows to generate a standard report at the schedules level:

  1. In the Reporting section, select the Schedules overview.
  2. Check the Schedules you want to generate a report for.

    Tip: You can filter through the schedules by using the search box or by using one of the following filters:

    • Show active
    • Show past
    • Show archived
    • Show schedules without logging. Schedules without logging are schedules no publication has been started in yet. These schedules are greyed out in the overview.
  3. Optionally, click the Without results button to include users without logging in your report.
  4. Click Generate report to see the standard report.
    Result: You see the data on all publications in that schedule.
    Tip: For each report, it is possible to see a chart view of the results. With the select boxes at the left of the screen, you can choose which details should be shown in the graph. For more information, see Customising the chart for my report?


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