Generating an advanced report


In the Advanced reporting module a coach can manually set filters to generate reports. Filters can be set on the following levels:

Once all filters have been set, a coach can decide for himself how the data will be grouped and which details will be shown in the report.


Proceed as follows to generate an advanced report:

  1. In Reporting go to the Advanced reporting module.
  2. Click New report.
  3. Select at least one of the filters below:
    Result: a new window for that filter appears.
  4. Select the users, groups, publications, timespan, metadata, ... of which you want to generate a report.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all necessary filters are added.

    Warnings: If Item is greyed out, you need to filter on Publications first. You cannot filter on items without an active filter on publications.
    If Without result is greyed out, you need to select a schedule first.

    • Show all... offers the following filters:
      • Show all sessions
      • Show last session only
      • Show best session only
      • Only started sessions
  6. Select Grouping  to decide how the data will be grouped.
    Result: The grouping and columns dialog box appears.
  7. Drag and drop the different levels to choose the format of the reports.
    In the example below the formatting of the report will be as follows:
    • For each publication, the users’ results will be shown.
    • For each user, the results, together with the answers, will be shown on the level of the items.

    Warning: You cannot group on items without grouping on publications first.

  8. For each level, decide what details will be shown in the report below the drag & drop zone.
  9. Select which data columns will appear in the report under Default columns.
  10. Click Ok to show the filtered data in the specific group and column order of your choice.

    Tip: You can always rearrange columns in the data view by dragging the column titles around. A thin blue line will indicate where your column will be placed.

  11. Click Generate report.
  12. Click Save to save your report in the Advanced reporting overview.

    Tip: Opening a saved report will show a report with the same filters an grouping set, but with the updated data.

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