Item analysis


In the new reporting module for item analysis, a coach can generate a report for the items in a publication.
The report contains:

  • The number of logs per item, i.e. how many times each item has been answered.
  • The answers per item, i.e. what has been answered for each item.
    For each answer, you see how many times this answer is given and whether the answer is correct or not.

The multiple choice question in the example below has been answered 9 times of which 6 answers were correct.


To run item analysis for a publication, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Item Analysis tab in the Item Analysis module.
    The overview page lists all the publications for which you have coaching rights.
  2. Select the publication(s) you want to run an item analysis for and click Item Analysis .
  3. Click  before the publication components to see all the items in the publication.
  4. Click  before the publication items to see the answers per item.
    You can see the item analysis of these items as explained above.
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