Importing users


Proceed as follows to import users:

  1. In the Management module, click Users.
  2. Click Import users at the bottom of the screen.
    Result: The Import users - Step 1 of 3 dialog box appears.
  3. Click Add CSV-file , navigate to your import file and double-click it.


    - The format of the import file should be CSV. Check the Template and Remarks in the Import users - Step 1 of 3 dialog box for more information. See below for an example of a CSV file.

    - The number of imported users should be limited to 1000 users.

    Result: The second screen of the import wizard appears, showing an overview of the users in your import file.
    • New users who will be registered in Edumatic are listed at the top top.
    • Existing users who are already registered in Edumatic are listed below.
    • Account information of existing users that will be changed during the import, is highlighted by an exclamation mark.
      By default, the accounts will be updated with any new data, unless you deselect Update existing users.
  4. Check the information and click Next.
    Result: The Import users - Step 3 of 3 dialog box appears.
    • If you want to mail the credentials to the users, select Send notification email.
    • If you want to add the imported users to a group, select Add to group and choose a group in the list.
  5. Click Import users to start the import process.
    Result: The imported users are listed.
  6. Click Finish to close the import wizard.


Example of a CSV import file

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