Creating access codes for a user


The user can start an exam with an access code via the Edumatic access code page.

An access code is a unique key that gives access to a session for a particular user and for a particular publication. When the session is finished, the key or code is no longer valid.

There are two ways to create access codes:

  • Either you select a user and create (an) access code(s) for this user. This procedure is used if you need to create access codes for one user only.
  • Either you select a publication and create access codes for this publication for a selection of users or a user group.
    This procedure is used when you need to create access codes for several users.


To create an access code for a user, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Management module, select Users.
  2. Search for the user you want to create an access code for and click Edit in the rightmost column next to the user.
  3. Open the Access codes tab.
    Result: An overview appears listing the publication access codes for the selected user.
  4. Click Add at the bottom of the page.

    Result: The Add publication window appears.
  5. In the Add publication window:
    • Enter (part of) the name of the publication for which you want to create an access code.
    • Press Enter to start the search.
    • Select this publication and click Ok.

    The publication and the access codes are added to the publications overview. You can:
    • Print the access code or copy the access code to the clipboard for distribution to the user.
    • Delete the access code.

      Warning: It is not possible to delete an access code if the user has started the exam.

    • Validate an unfinished publication.
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