Creating access codes for a publication


The user can start an exam with an access code via the Edumatic access code page.

An access code is a unique key that gives access to a session for a particular user and for a particular publication. When the session is finished, the key or code is no longer valid.

There are two ways to create access codes:

  • Either you select a user and create (an) access code(s) for this user. This procedure is used if you need to create access codes for one user only.
  • Either you select a publication and create access codes for this publication for a selection of users or a user group.
    This procedure is used when you need to create access codes for several users.


To create access codes for a publication, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Management module, click Access codes.
  2. Search for a publication by entering (part of) its name into the search box. Press Enter to search.
    Result: The publication appears in the overview.
  3. Click Add  in the rightmost column next to the publication.
    Result: A pop-up appears listing the users and their access codes for the selected publication.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Add user  if you want to generate access codes for a (selection of) user(s).
    • Click Add group  if you want to generate access codes for a user group.
  5. In the new window:
    • Select the Interface language (i.e. the Edumatic player interface language).
    • If you want to set time limitations for the use of the access codes, select Apply time restrictions.

      Warning: If you add time restrictions to a publication access code, the user can start the publication via the access code only between the start and end time. If the user tries to start the publication before the start time or after the end time, a warning will be shown.

    • If you want the session to close at a fixed end time, select Apply fixed end time for closing the session.
    • Select the user(s) or user group(s) for which you want to generate access codes.

    Result: The newly generated access codes are added to the overview. You can:
  6. Click Ok to close the Access codes window.
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