Creating a campaign template


To create a template for your e-mail campaign, proceed as follows:

    1. Open the Templates tab under Edumail.
      Result: The Templates overview is shown.

    2. Click the Add button at the top right.
      Result: The template settings are shown.

    3. Fill in the settings for your template:
      • Name of your template (at the top)
      • Header settings

        Note: The preferred width and height for the header image is 500 * 125 pixels. If smaller than 500 pixels, the image will be centered.
        If higher than 125 pixels, the image will automatically be rescaled to 125. 

      • Footer settings:

        Note: The preferred height for the logo is 55 pixels.  
        If higher than 55 pixels, the image will automatically be rescaled to 55.

      • Link color:
        This color will be used for links in the mail (if any).

    4. Click Save at the top right.
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